• As a teacher, you will have many tools in your kitbag, to help you deal with the circumstances that arise in your classroom.  But are there still occasions where your students (or colleagues) drive you to the brink, where you feel out of ideas for handling particular situations, and everything you try fails? Do you sometimes feel that you’re focussing more on churning out exam passes, rather than emotionally resilient human beings, and you can’t access the skills to produce the latter?

    You’re not alone!

    As a consultant,  I have worked in many schools over the years,

    • developing strategies and interventions to deal with individuals and groups
    • delivering training for teachers in subjects such as adolescent brain development and implications for learning
    • helping schools manage organisational change
    • helping teachers understand the students they’re working with
    • offering emotional support for staff, thus reducing sickness absence
    • taking on individual families or small groups of families for tailored support.

    Promoting good emotional health in young people enables them to learn more effectively, and become balanced and employable adults.

    In any teacher, good teaching skills and an understanding of child and adolescent psychology should go hand in hand, enabling academic achievement and emotional wellbeing to flourish in those being taught. It sounds clichéd, but it’s definitely the case that a happy brain is a learning brain!

    You can read Case Studies and Testimonials  from schools where I’ve worked, and a full list of courses which I’m able to offer as Inset or other training.

    Please contact me to discuss how I can help your school, through arranging Inset training, a package of emotional support for teaching staff, referring particular children or groups for small-group working, or forming an ongoing consultancy relationship.  I can also provide behaviour training to parents, assist with development of effective systemic structures that secure positive behaviour for learning, and offer completely confidential 1-1 support to Head teachers.

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