Emotional Well-Being for Teachers

  • The day will focus fully on what makes us ‘tick’ as human beings and will teach techniques and provide knowledge that will enable you to get the best from yourself.

    Stress, tension and a feeling of ‘overload’ are impediments to a productive and healthy working life and in turn, impact on our lives outside of work. Schools are busy, and often stressful environments and the roles of effective teachers and leaders require high levels of resilience and spare emotional capacity.

    You will explore numerous insights securely grounded in psychology to enhance your self-belief and improve your ability to manage your own thinking and emotional state, and to more fully understand and respond adaptively to the emotions of others.

    The course covers:

    • How to utilise innate resources to support your own emotional health
    • How to reduce anxiety and stress quickly
    • How to create positive emotions and behaviour
    • How to focus on solutions and not problems
    • How to tame a negative ‘inner voice’
    • How to develop and maintain a healthy self-esteem

    Attending the course will help you to:

    • Make life changes that get your emotional needs met more adaptively
    • Talk more kindly, and sensibly to yourself
    • Think more clearly about the challenges you face
    • Build up your resilience and energy
    • Grow in confidence
    • Challenge self-limiting core beliefs
    • Use your strengths and innate resources more effectively.

    Please contact me if this is something you would like to investigate.

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