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    Language Pattern to Defuse Potential Conflict Situations

    You’re sitting at the table trying to enjoy a family meal. Two siblings are bating each other by making snide comments to one another. You can see a big fall out looming. How do you stop it?

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    Language Pattern for Improved Compliance

    You give your child an instruction and they don’t obey it straight away. Familiar? Maddening, isn’t it? Often it is the way the instruction has been given that is the cause of the problem. In other words, disobedience is often the grown up’s fault!

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    What is Anger? – The Myth of the Mist

    Something doesn’t go your child’s way and they erupt in what looks like a nano-second into a mass of, boiling, unfettered anger. “It comes from nowhere, they just can’t help it,” parents tell me. And of course, every child is very happy to support that myth! Find out what you can do to help your angry child.

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Parents need the tools to take back control of unruly teens. Read Di’s article written for the Western Morning News.

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Martin Freeman reports on his experience at Di Lobbett’s “Teenage Taming Tactics” session, in his article for the Plymouth Herald.

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