Anger: Causes and Solutions

  • Anger is a mind state that occurs when the brain’s attention becomes transfixed on a perceived threat. The body responds by preparing to ‘save’ us, by getting us ready to fight or run.

    The stress hormones Cortisol and Adrenaline surge around the body, both heart rate and blood pressure begin to rise, breathing becomes faster and deepens, blood is diverted from the organs to the muscles, and the whole body becomes primed for immediate action.

    For sound survival reasons, thinking becomes very basic and primitive; ‘smart thinking’ is turned down or even off and primal, ‘base thinking’ takes over. Anger is a very powerful, primal state that can in some people, become quite addictive.

    It is a myth that anger ‘just happens’. Whether you are teachers in schools or parents (or both!) understanding how anger works, the causes and triggers and how to work with children to enable them to control their anger is essential to both emotional health and a productive life.

    The Course Covers:

    • The essential difference between healthy and destructive anger
    • The brain and anger: what’s going on?
    • The importance of training children to gain better control of their anger
    • The relationship between anger and physical and emotional health
    • Griffin and Tyrell’s Five Myths about anger – what everyone needs to know
    • The reasons why anger and aggression are on the increase

    Attending the course will help you to:

    • Gain insights into the reasons for your own and others’ anger
    • Develop the essential ‘tools’ to manage your own anger
    • Learn strategies for dealing with angry people
    • Develop the skills to protect yourself from unhealthy stress build up
    • Learn how to deal with passive aggression
    • Understand why for some, anger becomes an addictive emotion
    • Strategies to diffuse potentially violent situations

    Please contact me if this is something you would like to investigate.

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