The Course Covers:

1. The relationship between emotional needs being met and positive behaviour
2. Power dynamics and how they work
3. How to establish a respectful nurturing dictatorship in your home
4. ‘Naughty Grown Ups’
5. Understanding the adolescent brain
6. Dealing with anger

Attending the course will help you to:

1. Develop resilience and confidence in yourself as a parent
2. Learn how and when to use the essential tools for positive behaviour
3. Deal with arguing and rudeness effectively
4. Counter ‘come backs’ and ‘put downs’ from children and maintain respect and self-esteem – yours and theirs.
5. Learn language patterns that work.


Learn how to control your own emotional arousal levels to maximise success

Postponed – Bideford – 13/05 


After feedback from some of my schools and customers, I’m moving the date of this workshop to late June and the venue to one in Barnstaple. I’ll be sending an email to ticket holders in the next few days, but if you would like to come to the Barnstaple event, please add your email below.

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Does it take you an hour to leave the house because your child won’t cooperate?


Is your child a nightmare to get to bed at night?


Do you fear that the toxic dump that passes for your child’s bedroom may soon attract N.A.T.O.s inspection for chemical weaponry?


Do you firmly tell your child that as the parent you have no intention of justifying yourself – then spend half-an-hour doing just that?


Do you crave to be the boss in your own home?


If the answer is yes to one or more of the above then you need Potent Parenting!


Di Lobbett works across the UK helping parents, teachers and childcare professionals to manage behaviour, set boundaries and have healthier relationships.


Using language and simple techniques, you can set boundaries that work, reclaim your home and improve relationships with your child.


As a mother of five with over 20 years in behaviour management, Di’s message is simple – there’s no blame, no pack drill, just simple techniques that work right away.

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