• Parents, grandparents, carers, guardians, in fact anyone with children in their lives, will sometimes feel like they’re dealing with an alien species.

    You talk to them, and they seem to hear different words coming from your mouth.

    You fight over the tiniest issues.

    You feel anxious about them for one reason or another.

    They somehow seem to have too much power in your household, but you can’t get it back.

    Sound familiar?  Maybe not all the time, but this is ringing bells, yes?

    You’re not alone!

    Getting to the point where your children drive you up the wall doesn’t usually happen at the flick of a switch, but gradually over time, until you can’t quite recall how it started.  You didn’t mean to end up here, but you can’t get back to how you think it should be.

    There are many factors at play in the relationships between children and those responsible for them in the home, but it has never been more challenging.  See here for my brief guide to the issues that play a part here, ranging through technology, parental unavailability due to work, and other factors.

    I have worked with many families, and groups over nearly two decades helping parents and grandparents understand the children in their lives, developing strategies to manage behaviour that are easy to implement, and that actually work!

    Working with individual families, or conducting parenting classes for groups, there are many people across Devon, Cornwall and the South of England who can tell you my methods made a difference in their families.

    You can read Testimonials from people I’ve worked with.

    Please contact me to discuss how you can organise a training session for parents in your area. Referrals for individual families are usually made through schools.  Please contact your school if you feel this might benefit your situation, and ask them to contact me.

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