Everyone deserves to be healthy emotionally, but it’s often difficult to achieve when work, school and other pressures get in the way.

Through courses and information on this site, you’ll be able to find help to have better family relationships and feel emotionally healthy. Whether it’s behaviour at home, success at school or healthier ways to deal with challenge, you’ll find help here.

Our site is new and will be populated with lots more useful information over the next few months. If you are seeking something in particular, why not make contact at hello@dilobbett.co.uk.

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Potent Parenting 

Using language and simple techniques, you can set boundaries that work, reclaim your home and improve relationships with your child.

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Does it take you an hour to leave the house because your child won’t cooperate?


Is your child a nightmare to get to bed at night?


Do you fear that the toxic dump that passes for your child’s bedroom may soon attract N.A.T.O.s inspection for chemical weaponry?

In The Press

Parents need the tools to take back control of unruly teens. Read Di’s article written for the Western Morning News.

Since puberty and the gift of an Xbox, “Callum” has become half-man, halfmattress and is never up on time for school.

Read the full article here

Martin Freeman reports on his experience at Di Lobbett’s “Teenage Taming Tactics” session, in his article for the Plymouth Herald.

I’m in a room at a large community college which is packed with 100 or so parents and I am shifting awkwardly in my seat. I know why I’m there: for a Teenage Taming Tactics training session…

Read the full article here


  • The training I received was an amazing insight into the adolescent brain. It helped me to fully understand and empathise with the young people in the Academy who undergo stressful situations. It has provided me with many ideas for how to further support them when brain arousal may be high, and this has really helped to build better and longer lasting positive relationships with the pupils.

    Danny Flynn, Curriculum Director for Technology. Alec Reed Academy Northolt, London
  • They loved you! I was talking to some staff just today, they were chatting about some of the things you said. That’s impressive – they forget what I say almost immediately!

    Jonathon Lawrence, Sir James Smith School, Camelford
  • I can’t praise Di Lobbett highly enough. After years of heart-breaking anxiety our sons’ behaviour was becoming increasingly unmanageable. Di helped us to understand our son’s anxiety and too much power as the underlying causes for his behaviour. She taught us how to help him and has given him the confidence to help himself.

    Laura Holt,
  • Many thanks for an enjoyable CPD day, and what an impact this had on my staff.

    Sue Tysall, Woodbridge Park Education Service
  • Di Lobbett is uniquely inspirational in her top rate knowledge and relatable humour regarding the teenage brain and behaviour.

    Kirstie Oliver, Assistant Head, Penryn College, Cornwall
  • There has been such fantastic feedback from Thursday from colleagues – ‘Inspirational’! ‘The best day’s training we have EVER had.’ ‘Can Di come back every year?’  ‘Absolutely brilliant.’

    Marie Hunter, CEO Kemeneth MAT, Cornwall
  • Thank you so much for last night, what a brilliant talk. I tried “I need you to unload the dishwasher for me now, thank you” and it worked. I didn’t get a word back, he just did it and again this morning, I am amazed!!! “I am spreading the word….”

    Parent, via training course run at Penryn College

The Numbers Say it All Why Choose Us

  • 1,600
    exclusions per day on average
  • 31
    permanent exclusions per day
  • 1,590
    Temporary bans for bad behaviour